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BTW I gave up cross-posting

If you want to keep an eye on me, please follow my Vox. I always forget to hit the "Cross-post to LiveJournal" thingy when I post, and once you forget it's really hard to get the post onto LJ.

This was driving me crazy; neither the egg nor the setup.py thingy in the source download were working to install Python appscript. So I opened setup.py and changed this:

from setuptools import setup, Extension
except ImportError:
print "Note: couldn't import setuptools so using distutils instead."
from distutils.core import setup, Extension

to this:

from distutils.core import setup, Extension

to force it to use distutils instead of the dang setuptools which never works for me. It worked! Now I can go back to scripting my apps again.

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On Vox: こんなiPhoneは嫌だ。

The newest reason that I love the internet, and Japan, is the hatena haiku (think Twitter in Japanese) meme "konna iPhone wa iya da." Literally, it's something like "I wouldn't like this iPhone", and it consists of people proposing weird hypothetical iPhones:

"Folding" (click to see the illustration)

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On Vox: D&D 4e materials for OmniGraffle!


I have just uploaded a character sheet and a set of power cards for Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition. They're templates, so you can put them in your ~/Library/Application Support/OmniGraffle/Templates folder to have them show up in your template chooser. Check them out!

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Hi friends,

I have some special codes that'll give you 4 times the specs and a big discount on web hosting, if you're into that kind of thing. Let me know if you'd like one!

I've been using DreamHost for over 8 years now.

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Bleh, please read my Vox

A bunch of my posts failed to get cross-posted to LJ because I changed my password at some point. If you care to keep up with my posting, please go read them at my Vox blog:


Consumerist Complaining

Hi, I just wanted to complain that:
1. There's a new clammbon tour documentary DVD coming out in a few days, and I'm not supposed to be spending money on frivolous things right now.
2. Shiina Ringo has a new CD and a new DVD coming out, and and I'm not supposed to be spending money on frivolous things right now.
3. The one frivolous purchase I was able to get away with last month, the Ar tonelico 2 Design Materials book, is still not in at Kinokuniya, four weeks and five days after I ordered it.

So Heisei Democracy makes heavy use of excerpts, which have distinct text from the post content. WordPress's built-in search doesn't include excerpts, so a lot of relevant posts were getting ignored. We used the fine Search Everything plugin for a while, but it broke in WordPress 2.5 and the guy hasn't made an update yet. After a lot of flailing around, I just wrote this simple plugin to add the excerpt text to normal searches. That's all it does; there's no configuration or anything.

Just upload it, activate it, and start searching excerpts!

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On Vox: You Asked For It

A while back I posted a meme asking for topics to blog about. Here are the promised words:

Vertigo Jon sez:
Personal finance and what you do with your savings. (Because i'm trying to figure out what to do with mine at the moment =)
I know you were using outliner for budgeting at one point, how is that going?

The lady does it all now. I am a huge failure at budgeting properly, being appropriately conservative, and being honest about what I need and what I can do without. So she's in charge, and OmniOutliner is the tool. Every cent we spend goes in there, and I buy almost nothing beyond what we truly need. We put a lot of money into my 401(k) and into our asset management account, where we've got a variety of index funds and a couple of stocks.

Rose sez:
Your wedding!

Heh. We had a nice dinner in Japan, and a nice dinner in the USA, but we haven't really had the ceremony yet. Some day we'll steal off to some lovely place and do that, but we're not in a huge hurry.

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On Vox: My Book

I had an item in my OmniFocus VOX project for a while: "Commend My Book". I'm kind of glad that I never got around to it. This Western Digital external USB/FireWire hard drive has a pretty pleasing and Applelike enclosure. But this week, after a year and a half, it abruptly stopped working and I had to tear it apart. I found out that the insides are also Applelike, in that there's a whole lot of creative engineering going on in there, and trying to disassemble the dang thing to get something out is a real ordeal. I can't thank strangers on the internet enough for all the information they offer; this guy and this guy had exactly what I needed to get the drive out so that I could put it in another enclosure and get my data back.

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